Secure, Scalable, Simple.

Structsure Complete is an all-in-one cloud computing ecosystem for developing, running, and managing applications without the hassle of setting up and configuring infrastructure.

Elevate your next project’s chances of success by embedding IT automation into its foundation and ensuring your infrastructure’s security and compliance.

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Critical Business Technologies Re-Imagined

Each component of Structsure Complete is purpose built to help you reach your objectives quickly and successfully.

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Find out how Structsure is doing it better.

Getting a new environment deployed can be a painful process, find out how Structsure makes it easy.

Lifecycle Comparison:
Structsure Complete Vs. Traditional Infrastructure

Setting up infrastructure for your project doesn’t have to be challenging and time-consuming. With Structsure, we handle all of your infrastructure setup and maintenance needs so that you can focus on developing.

Infrastructure Setup

Traditionally, project teams set up the underlying support system for their project by spinning up and configuring each component. This includes servers, network parameters, access rights, and a whole host of other systems. Using Structure, we handle the setup and configuration of your infrastructure systems so that your team doesn’t have to. We build to a standard using automation and provide you with multi-factor authentication and end-to-end encryption by default, saving you time and accelerating your project timelines.

App Provisioning

Using the traditional approach, every time you need to add a new component to your infrastructure to enhance functionality or scale you will need to provision resources and manually integrate them into your current setup. With Structsure, that’s no longer necessary. Request what applications and services you want and we provision them into your environment in a standardized manner that ensures seamless integration with what you already have running.


Instead of spending time managing infrastructure and ensuring you have the latest updates and patches for the myriad of technologies in your environment, Structsure takes care of that for you. Our team of experts handle ongoing maintenance, system patching, and updates for your environment so you can spend less time maintaining infrastructure and more time managing your applications and data.

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A fundamentally different approach to development projects, we enable you to focus on building your technology solutions instead of spending time setting up and configuring your infrastructure.

Find out how your organization can benefit

Build compliance into the fabric of your operations

Structsure helps you make more informed decisions about how to allocate your resources to better manage security risks and compliance. Structsure’s team of experts will implement a tailored and comprehensive approach to compliance that saves you time and reduces human effort and computing power necessary to prove compliance.

Supported Compliance Profiles:
  • Standard
  • ISO/IEC 27001:2013
  • DFARS 254 . 204 - 7008
  • FedRAMP Low Impact
  • FedRAMP Moderate Impact
  • FedRAMP High Impact
  • DoD Cloud Computing SRG IL2
  • DoD Cloud Computing SRG IL4
  • DoD Cloud Computing SRG IL5

Solving Complex Challenges Through Automation

Deploying a new environment can be a painful process—with Structsure that’s no longer the case. There is no need to configure a network, setup a VPN, build a backup strategy, and provision server resources. Structsure handles all of your provisioning and orchestration needs, and much more, so that you can free up staff for the reasons you run infrastructure in the first place: building and managing applications.

By leveraging automation, we standardize how infrastructure is built and maintained to improve your team’s efficiency, strengthen your security posture, and deliver consistent performance. In addition to handling all your infrastructure needs, Structsure also provides functionality out-of-the-box that most would consider too complex to implement using a traditional approach.

If your project relies on IT infrastructure,
you can rely on Structsure.

We’ll take the time to learn about the challenges you are trying to overcome and provide a complete solution.