Pre-configured Suites of Applications to Support Your Workflow

Shorten project timelines and increase operational efficiency by eliminating traditional bottlenecks between people, systems, and processes.

Structsure Packs

Data Science Pack


Data Ingest

  • Global ingestion process for rapid data ingest
  • Configurable stream intake for data processing

Data Processing

  • Distributed map reduce jobs for data analysis
  • Adjustable scale to handle mission critical data processing  

Data Visualization

  • Responsive customizable dashboards for analyzing data
  • Dynamically drill into data with configured cross sections  

Data Management Pack


Advanced Security Context Labels

  • Middleware layer for processing security rules
  • Security context tagging on records and fields

RESTful Endpoints

  • JSON or XML HTTP Requests for CRUD Ops
  • “Serverless” access by web frameworks

Modern Data Typing

  • Geospatial fields and queries
  • Graph fields and queries

Schema Lock

  • Strict schema constraints, if enabled
  • Ultimate NoSQL flexibility, if not

Retention Controls

  • Automatically age data (expire) off the system
  • Limit the database size or number of records

Development Collaboration Pack


Code Repository

  • Distributed version-control system for tracking changes in source code
  • Integrated user security for proper sharing configuration

Tickets & Issues

  • Generic ticketing system with customizable workflows to fit business needs
  • Templates for SCRUM and Kanban methodologies for software development


  • Continuous integration environment based on the ticket/issue status
  • Configurable to deploy per ticket or per release

Wiki Server

  • Automatically link related feature tickets to Wiki server
  • Available templates for meeting notes to marketing plans

Chat Server

  • Communicate using chat and switch to video or audio calls with screen sharing for more efficient teamwork
  • Secured workspace for teams to collaborate

Web Application Pack


Platform for Expansion

  • Code Repository, Web Server, Database, and App Container configured to your specifications  

Frameworks Based on Language

  • Ruby: Passenger, Unicorn, PUMA, Ruby, Rails, Rack
  • Python: Passenger, Gunicorn, Django, Flask
  • JavaScript: Passenger, NodeJS, MeteorJS, Angular, Express
  • Java: Oracle JDK, OpenJDK, Tomcat, Jetty

Database Add-ons

  • MySQL, Postgres, Oracle Database (BYOL), IBM DB2 (BYOL)

Structsure Enhances Performance

Launch Projects with Confidence

  • Save time and free up staff to focus on core objectives instead of setting up and configuring infrastructure

  • Access compute, network, and storage resources on-demand

  • Standardized infrastructure management, ensuring quality and consistency of your entire technology stack and minimizing unforeseen problems

  • Embed security standards into all information systems to achieve compliance without added burden

Streamline Your Underlying Support Systems

  • Improve performance of middle managers and developers by provisioning apps with just a few clicks using the Structsure App Catalog

  • Eliminate previously repetitive tasks by taking advantage of Structsure’s high level features, such as centralized User and Group Management

  • Reduce human effort and computing power to prove compliance by leveraging Structsure’s reporting capability

  • Strengthen your security posture by utilizing end-to-end encryption for all your data

How Structsure Helps Each Stakeholder

IT Directors

IT Directors

Structsure supports your mission by embedding automation into the foundation of your IT projects to improve efficiency, strengthen your security posture, and deliver consistent performance to help you achieve strategic objectives. Using Structsure, your organization is able to embed predictability into your operations by paying for results, not labor.

Security Engineers

Security Engineers

Structsure provides you with visibility into the systems you rely on by coalescing information about your environment, applications, and network activity—providing you with the insights you need to better protect your networks. We provide standardized application configuration with security at the core, minimizing your risks and providing you with a secure baseline.

Governance & Risk

Governance & Risk

When your organization’s project teams use Structsure, they are benefiting from using a system that is configured to meet strict compliance requirements and security standards out of the box. By providing them with a compliant system, you reduce your organization’s liability while eliminating the workload and coordination necessary to ensure compliance. Additionally, Structsure provides security controls documentation to facilitate evidence gathering—reducing the time it takes to ensure and prove your systems are compliant.

System Administrators

System Administrators

Structsure supports sysadmins by streamlining the processes they are responsible for—building new servers, deploying applications, and maintaining overall network efficiency—increasing their productivity, decreasing employee bottlenecks, and making new deployments faster. Structsure handles the routine tasks so you can focus on the important work.



Structsure provides developers with a distinct environment and the accompanying tools and components necessary to build their application while minimizing overhead. By using Structsure, you remove the tedious work and impediments that developers often face. Additionally, Structsure’s user interface organizes your team’s app services and centralizes user management capabilities—making it easy to navigate and access the components developers need.

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