Managed Enterprise Applications
for All Your Project’s IT Needs

Structsure Complete abstracts the complexity of setting up and running infrastructure and software services—allowing your teams to adopt automation to replace existing manual processes.



Access to compute, network, and storage resources on-demand

Develop technology solutions using an array of tools and technologies. Select what applications you need from our App Catalog along with your configuration requirements – we handle the rest. The Structsure team provisions applications into your environment that are preconfigured to follow security best practices right out of the box.

Structsure Offers Technologies in the Following Categories

Most Popular
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Rockchat logo - Structsure
Development Tools
Content Management
Web Applications
Data Analysis
Data Management
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Can’t find your favorite technology from our selection? Let us know!

We are constantly adding new applications to the platform and take special requests based on your specific needs.

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Replace manual processes with a complete solution

The Structsure platform is a fully managed, governed ecosystem that provides built-in security, end-to-end encryption, and centralized management capabilities for your entire datacenter.


Updates and Patching

A dedicated team of experts support, manage, and maintain your Structsure environment. We monitor new releases and vulnerabilities from all upstream vendors to ensure the safety of systems you’ve deployed on top of Structsure. Additionally, any new patches or workarounds are quickly made available and automatically applied.

Elevate your chances of success by lowering the barriers to launch.

We’ll take the time to learn whether Structsure is the right fit for your team and help you determine the best configuration for your needs.